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Ownership Responsibilities at the Summit Resort

Maintenance fees and taxes are vitally important to the operation of your resort. They pay for all utilities, building upkeep, real estate taxes, staffing and for all administration fees.
  1. Maintenance Fees & Taxes: Maintenance fees and taxes are required to be paid on a yearly basis. Each week owned requires a separate maintenance fee and tax. Billing for this payment is made in the first week of December preceeding the year it applies to. Payment is due by January 31. Unpaid fees are subject to an interest charge after 30 days. Maintenance fees and taxes must be paid prior to booking your usage week. Reservations are on a space available basis. A failure on the owners part to contact reservations well in advance of the dates desired does not entitle the owner to any form of carry over if all weeks in his schedule have already been booked by other owners who did call early. Additionally, members unable to book their week because the maintenance fee was not paid on time, and who later find that other owners have booked the weeks they desired, are not entitled to a carry over of the week or extension of their usage schedule. Failure to obtain the week desired does not entitle you to a reduction or suspension of financial payments for maintenance fee and taxes. Owners wishing to exchange a week will not receive a written confirmation form unless all fees are paid. Owners wishing to exchange a week in the next year must pay the maintenance fee and taxes for that year in advance of depositing the week with the Exchange Company. You may obtain the amount due in advance of the December billing by contacting the reservations department for an approximate figure.

  2. Responsibilities during Use: An owner is responsible for any damages to resort property and amenities that he or any member of his party causes. Owners are expected to leave the unit in the same condition in which they found it. Owners are asked to complete an inventory of all furnishings within 24 hours of check-in and return it to the front desk. Housekeeping will then replace any missing items noted. If the housekeeping inventory taken at checkout notes items missing that were not reported, a charge for the missing item will be assessed to your ownership. Owners may allow others to use their ownership as guests. However, please be advised that the owner is fully responsible for the actions of any guests under his ownership. The reservations office must be notified, prior to check-in, of the names of the party using your reservation if you will not be present. Absolutely no pets are allowed at the Resort. Anyone found with any animal in their room will be assessed $300.00 for a cleaning and fumigation fee.

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