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Summit Resort Owners Legal Documentation

Board Contact List

Jeff Durborow - President
Neil Bennet - Vice President & Acting Treasurer
Dennis Robitaille - Secretary
Nancy Durborow
Chanel Simard
Paul Carter
Chester Fairlie
Ed Smith
Gerry Mills

Summit Owners Association Board of Trustees Records

Frequently Asked Questions about Transfers

  1. Do I need to pay the $200 transer fee if I am putting my ownership in the name of my trust?
    Yes, any transfer even to a trust requires payment of the transfer fee.
  2. Can I transfer to a business?
    No, the paperwork requires that an individual owner or the trustee of a trust be named.
  3. Can I transfer to my trust?
    Yes, the trust name will appear on the Certificate of Beneficial Interest is applicable, otherwise all other correspondences with the resort will address the first or second trustee of the trust.
  4. Can I add my children
    There can be only 2 names on a contract. If you have individual ownership, then you can add a child as the second name. If there are 2 people already on the contract, one person would have to be removed in order to add someone new.
  5. Does the Summit Have a resale program?
    No, we do not have a resale program, but we can offer a few suggestions...
  6. Why must the Buyer pay the ensuing year's estimated annual maintenance fee?
    Summit has experienced transfer scams whereby ownership is transferred to a straw person whose identity can't be confirmed. The transferee then defaults on payment of maintenance fees leaving the remaining owners responsible to make up the lost fees necessary to maintain the resort. To combat this growing problem Safco Management, Inc. has instituted a requirement for payment of the next year's estimated maintenance fee in advance. In addition Safco Management, Inc. has established a condition that non-payment of maintenance fees for the following year may result in a rescission or cancellation of a transfer returning ownership and responsibility for maintenance fees to the transferor/Seller.

Transfers Rules

  • All maintenance fees must be paid up to date
  • All loans must be paid in full
  • Transfer fee is $200 made payable to SAFCO Management
  • All owners must be 21 years of age
  • Transferee/Buyer shall pay in advance the estimated annual maintenance fee for the ensuing year at the rate for the current year. The amount so paid shall be credited against the ensuing year's maintenance fee and the balance shall be due and payable when the final assessment is rendered. Payment of the estimated maintenance fee shall be made with the submission of the transfer form.


Please be aware of resale companies that require money up front in order to sell your week. We have provided legitimate suggestions above.

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